PegasusCart® is an e-commerce platform and payment gateway that organizes and simplifies managing your business, instills confidence and trust in shoppers, and improves security and speed in the transaction process.

PegasusCart® was built by small-business owners for small business owners.


PegasusCart handles your SSL encryption, and security needs.


Plug-in and go live with little downtime.


PegasusCart benefits begin at no cost.

Shopping Cart

Enjoy simplicity in PegasusCart®'s pre-built shopping cart interface. Simply specify what products your customers can choose from and watch them add their favorite items to their shopping cart for purchase, or wishlist for another time. Customizable buy bars can be readily adjusted to include more or less items and information needed to complete any transaction.


Control any number of web-store inventories via the PegasusCart® Control Panel. Maintain items, quantities, pricing formulas like COG, MSRP, MAP, and more.


Take advantage of graphs and other visual presentations to keep track of customer conversion rates, website traffic, and more.

The Wings of PegasusCart

PegasusCart is comprised of two main components, the Shopping Cart and the Universal Inventory Management System.

  • Convenient Shopping - Shoppers can easily add items to their cart, edit the cart/information, and more on only one screen without leaving your page.

    Page Less Checkout - Shoppers complete their transaction from any page on your website during the process, increasing dwell time on pages they visit.

    Never Forget a Thing - Shoppers forgetting to add an item or needing to make a change needn’t worry as PegasusCart® remembers their information, so they never lose their place.

    Confidence Inspiring - Shoppers know PegasusCart® and are in turn more confident in their purchase from your website.

    Quick Editing - Shoppers are not redirected to a payment gateway for check out since PegasusCart® provides a straight-forward, and easily understood page-less checkout process.

  • Simplified Inventory - Manage your inventory at the part number or category level, with easy to understand interfaces designed to get you up and selling as quickly as possible.

    Import and export your inventory whenever you like. Build simple or complex presentations and take advantage of up-selling to it's highest potential.

    Make your websites pricing dynamic, so you can change pricing without editing a single web page. Turn on and off products with a single click.

    Forget the daily grind of finding all of your web pages that you need to remove or add products to.

    Universal Store Control:Consolidate store control and get down to business in one spot.

    Set pricing by website, referring URL, product feed, or even date and time of day. Organize pricing across as many store fronts as you need.

    Formulaic Pricing Solutions – Set pricing formulas based on events or conditions, even cost of goods.

    Manage all factors of pricing universally including, MAP, Quantity Discounts, Mix-N-Match pricing and more.

    Link items to other items as Addon's for great upselling potential.

    Centralized Feed Engines - Manage Google, Amazon, Ebay and other feeds utilizing our management interfaces. Take selling to the next level, with exposure and flexibility usually reserved for only the biggest businesses.

  • Traffic - Monitor traffic volume by hour, day, week, or month. View entry pages, referring pages, visitors by state, zip code, and country.

    Mobile - Detailed reporting with separate distinction for mobile traffic.

    Customer Conversion - Track customer conversion rates, customer shopping habits, and more.

    Abandoned Carts - Discover the checkout process that your customers engage in, and determine how best to satisfy them with your goods.

    Orders - Learn which items of yours are most popular, which items are looked at most, which ones don't quite "checkout" and more.

    Browser Details - See what your visitors use for screen size, browser type, and even operating systems.

  • Platform Independent - PegasusCart installs on your web pages and not your server. Get up and running with just a few simple lines of code added to your pages.

    Straight Forward - There are no tricky server set ups or fancy hosting providers required.

    Handled for you - An SSL key is not required on your end. Every aspect of the transaction security is handled by PegasusCart so that you can focus on your business, not renewing and installing SSL keys.

    Flexibility - You control how your web site looks and feels while PegasusCart® handles the shopping experience, without leaving your website.

    Confidence - Rest easy knowing that consumers feel more confident shopping with PegasusCart® handling their shopping experience, giving you have less worry and higher conversion rates.

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