A breakdown of our policies including, terms of use, privacy, and restrictions.

PegasusCart® Conditions and Terms of Use.

By using any of our products and/or services, you are agreeing in full, to our "Terms and Conditions of Use"; and are legally bound by doing so. If you do not agree with our “Terms and Conditions of Use”, simply do not use our products and/or services. Some users may jump right in and succeed quickly, while others may have difficulty understanding and utilizing the products and services we offer and provide. Although we hope to help as many people as we may to succeed with PegasusCart®, there are some that we simply may not be able to help.

Hosting: Should you decide to use your own domain name, we highly recommend you also purchase your own server side SSL key, as new privacy standards have been pushed forward by company's such as Google©. We strongly advise that all consumer website traffic runs on the https protocol. This will help demonstrate your commitment to your consumers browsing privacy.

Both domain name and SSL key purchasing are available from PegasusCart®, should you require our assistance.

Information and Data collected by PegasusCart®

Privacy Policy

Restriction Policy

We take the sale of prohibited items very seriously.
PegasusCart® prohibits the sale of the following Goods, using any of our products or services:
PegasusCart® reserves the right to further prohibit and restrict the sale of goods or services not mentioned on this list. In accordance with our rules, the goods you will be selling will be reviewed prior to your acceptance as a Member with PegasusCart®. Additional review may be required depending upon goods being sold or if you have been suspected of a violation. However, extra review will be on a case by case basis.

As a Member of PegasusCart®, you are responsible for knowing the laws surrounding your goods and the sale of them before coming using any of our products or services..

PegasusCart® is not responsible for the legal conduct of its members but it will penalize Members for violations of both professional conduct and reputation.

Reminder: PegasusCart® is not responsible for the professional conduct of Member transactions, and the fairness and treatment of both Member and Shoppers alike. With that said, we do our best to keep everyone on a best practices level of doing business. We take great pride in our platform and it's integrity and will defend and protect it at all times by enforcing our policies.


Helpful Tips


If you have been found to have committed a violation, you may be banned at the sole discretion of PegasusCart® Staff. PegasusCart® is NOT responsible for ensuring that members and shoppers follow laws and regulations but we are determined to do our best to ensure the professional nature of business conducted through PegasusCart®. Our Rules are strictly enforced and the violation of them, violates trust not just in PegasusCart® as a whole, but in consumers who expect a high level of professionalism and integrity in our business environment. The idea of PegasusCart® ensures professionalism, privacy protection, and the quick resolution of disputes in the e-commerce environment. Violations will not be tolerated.

Penalties for Violations

Penalties may include but are not limited to the following:
  • Temporary or permanent account suspension.
  • Loss of access to PegasusCart® products or services.
  • Financial damages and legal recourse.
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