Member Rating Program

A walkthrough of the member rating program and the relationship between consumer and PegasusCart® Member.

PegasusCart® provides shoppers with the means to rate both products and member stores themselves. Shoppers must both have an account and have shopped with the the member store in question before being able to rate them. Ratings are distributed to the member store in question as they are received, and members are given the opportunity to remedy any wrong doing in order to reverse the poor rating. Members also have the right to dispute a rating should they feel they have done everything possible to satisfy an unhappy Shopper. If the Shopper fails to reverse the poor rating, PegasusCart® Arbitration Staff will make the final ruling.
Shoppers must be signed up with a PegasusCart® account to rate a member.
Members are notified of every shopper rating. If a member fails to meet the expectations of a shopper, and is rated poorly as a result, quality members will act quickly to reverse the rating, by satisfying the shoppers needs.

PegasusCart® "Shopper" Rating program

Members have the option of rating Shoppers that have placed orders with them. Those ratings are used to determine risk associated with the Shopper and whether or not a Member wants to process their order. In the event a Shopper’s rating is below the minimum and the Member decides NOT to process an order, the Shopper will be notified and any payment received will be promptly refunded. Shoppers are also rated by performance based on several factors including but not limited to disputes filed by the Shopper, fraud claims filed against the Shopper, and returned goods and credibility of payments. A Shopper that demonstrates a habitual pattern of complaints, charge-backs, or other issues, may receive lower rating than those who do not. Additionally, Shoppers continually receiving poor ratings may lose their right to use the products and/or services associated with PegasusCart. Shoppers who commit theft or fraud are banned for life and in some cases prosecuted. Once a Shopper is banned, all Members and affiliate network partners are notified in order to prevent any further issues with the individual. PegasusCart® Members and Shoppers must abide by strict policies to insure shopper safety and satisfaction. One of the many benefits of PegasusCart®, is the fraud detection and prevention system which protects Shoppers and Members alike. By employing rating systems, PegasusCart® helps to lower risk and prices for both Shoppers and Members.
PegasusCart® members must abide by strict policies to ensure shopper safety and satisfaction. Shoppers are therefore obligated to reciprocate the same. By employing rating systems, PegasusCart® helps to lower risk and prices for both Shoppers and members.

PegasusCart® “Product” Rating Program

Member products are rated using the following:

Products carried and sold by Members of PegasusCart® are rated by Shoppers that have a registered PegasusCart® account, purchased the product, and have actually received and utilized the product. After confirming delivery, Shoppers are given the option of rating every product that they have purchased from a given PegasusCart® Member.>
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