Manage easily with quality customer feedback!

PegasusRatings is a stand alone module of PegasusCart® and features product rating capabilities for any kind of product, as well as management tools for members to monitor and communicate with customers.



Learn about your shoppers by analyzing hit traffic by visitor, day, hour, referring website and other types of data.


Validate honest reviews, remove bad ones, delete spam and interact with your own customers directly to right any wrongs and build a loyal customer base by reducing response times.

Confidence Boost

Boost buyer confidence by allowing your customers to view the active and knowledgeable reviews of other buyers.

Rate Reviews

Allow visitors and customers alike to police the reliability of a review in order to better reflect your product and service quality.

Installation and Use

To install and use the PegasusCart® Ratings and Reviews engine, make sure to have the following available to you.
- Tells us which item of those stored in PegasusCart® Inventory these ratings and reviews pertain to.
- Informs users of where the ratings begin and what they should do.
Location ID
- ID used to determine where in your HTML page that ratings and reviews will display.
Website ID
- Unique ID provided by the PegasusCart® Dashboard to identify members and authenticate security.
Review Count
- The number of total visible ratings and reviews allowed.
To get started make sure to reference the PegasusRatings script at the end of the HTML document. This ensures that the engine loads only after the page has finished loading all other content.
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
We can then add a separate script call to define the ratings and reviews on the page.
<script type='text/javascript'>
			$(document).ready(function () {
				GetRating("Partnumber or UPC", "Description", "Location ID", "Website ID", "Review Count");
Additionally, make sure that a Location ID has been established on the page where the Ratings and Reviews should be loaded. This can be referenced using a traditional HTML ID.
<div id='loadRatings'></div>
rating example 1 rating example 2 rating example 3
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